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Turn books into art

The Folded Book Company

  1. Paper template

This is the technique used here at The Folded Book Company.  This method is quicker than the mark and measure method but accuracy of the finished product relies on accurate placement of the paper template at the bottom of each page.

  1. Measure and mark

This method takes longer to mark up the book before folding and still relies on the accurate positioning of the ruler at the top edge of the book before marking but is a very popular technique as many free patterns use this method.

  1. Draw on the page edge: see example of this technique – certainly requires an artistic flair as it relies on freehand drawing on the edge of the pages: click here to see

  1. Moving the printed paper along

This technique requires Photoshop.  It is beautifully demonstrated at: click here.

Using Photoshop this tutorial shows you how to print a copy of the word or design with vertical stripes that are used as a template for folding the pages.

  1. Buying a book with the print lines already there

From September 2014 a new range of Artfolds books will be available from Studio Fun International.  An ArtFolds book is a hardcover book that is transformed into a unique paper sculpture merely by folding pages that already have the folding lines marked on them (patent-pending). The process is fun and easy and takes surprisingly little time, making it as appropriate for children as it is for adults. The books are available on Amazon and this technique is beautifully demonstrated at: click here


There are several different techniques to book folding:

Request a free pattern using this method