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Turn books into art

The Folded Book Company

1. By hand plotting the design out on graph paper - as used here at The Folded Book Company. Here’s is where to download suitable graph paper free of charge

2. Using Photoshop – click here for a very good explanation of how to do this.  

Also this video provides a great tutorial: click here.  

This version uses a simpler program called Paint: click here – and then requires Excel.

3. Using book art generator (click here)  – a free program that allows you to insert your chosen image and it then generates the measure and mark coordinates for you to use.  The program can be tricky to install but is a quick means of obtaining your measure and mark patterns.

4. Using Orime  – a basic or paid program that allows you to create your own patterns.

Some book folding designs don’t require a pattern at all:

This video shows you how to fold a simple design (triangle fold) that doesn’t require a pattern - click here

and another: click here


Graph paper for book folding patterns Book folding video Book art generator