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Turn books into art

The Folded Book Company Fold Your Own Book

In this guide you will learn how to generally fold books, from basic to advanced designs, with styling and finishing options explained along the way.  In certain instances, you will learn how you can optimise and modify the included templates to customise them into more bespoke designs.


For those new to this art a selection of designs are displayed to help your understanding and build your confidence in book folding.  Soon you will be impatient to create your own designs and patterns.

Download a template and in just a few hours you can have a book of folded art that will amaze both yourself and your friends.

Folded art created from used and old books can be just as beautiful as those that started out as a brand new book.  The book however should primarily be in good condition with clean edges as marks and discolouration of the page edges will detract from the beauty of your folded design.  If choosing an old book then distressed corners or edges to the cover may be acceptable but is not usually suited to a new book.

The book should almost certainly be hard-backed.  This will produce the most stable, rigid finished piece.  Books that are not hard-backed are not usually able to stand up properly once complete and the front covers tend to sag creating a deformed piece.

The size (usually the height) of the book will dictate what design can be folded into it.  You may, however, opt for a book which is neither a fiction, non-fiction or reference book and choose to fold a hard-backed notebook or diary.  Whether new or old, check that the binding of the book is sturdy and will not pull away from the spine.

The quality of the paper is paramount to the success of your folded art.  Pages should above all be crisp, clean and flexible.  

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How to choose a book to fold:

Book folding pattern Become a Paper Engineer

Get hooked on book folding

Once you gain experience in book folding and start considering giving your works of art away as gifts you may consider matching the folded design with the topic or title of the book and finding a book that suits the person that you will be gifting it to.  

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Look carefully for the right book

What you’ll need: See Book folding templates available Choose a Template on Etsy